Goals of TCNA

The Tunisian Association of Neurology of Child and Adolescent (TCNA) aims to promote and support the development of all medical aspects of care, research and teaching of pediatric neurology, organizing scientific meetings and promoting collaboration between diagnostic centers, care and research.

The TCNA involved in teaching and training in Paediatric Neurology. It has set the following main objectives:

– Encourage exchanges between the various specialists involved in the treatment, reception and monitoring of children with neurological diseases and by organizing scientific meetings four-monthly clinical case discussion with literature review.

– Improve the education and continuous training of residents, neurologists and neurologists.

– Improving the multidisciplinary care of children and adolescents with neurological diseases

– Each year, the TCNA organizes a congress attended by guests-experts interested in the topics. During these meetings, participants discuss topics defined by the organizer of the conference, in collaboration with the officers of the association.

The first meeting took place in Tunis October 11, 2014 at the Tunis Faculty of Medicine with focus on inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system in the presence of two experts: Professor Marc Tardieu (Paris) and Prof. Banu Anlar (Ankara ). These annual days allow to deepen some subjects.

– The TCNA involved and also helps in the development of multi-center research projects and the dissemination of knowledge in pediatric neurology.

To implement this activity, commissions and working groups meet at the convention or regularly during the year.

Commissions are seven in number (white matter diseases, neuro-metabolic diseases, epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, movement disorders, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities).

TCNA Internet site was created to facilitate communication between members, to disseminate information among neurologists, neurologists, pediatricians and any other person, the medical community or not, concerned with the child’s neurological diseases .

In the future, other possibilities could be developed on this site: challenging clinical case presentations, expert advice, discussion and call for multi-center studies among