In Tunisia, pediatric neurology saw its beginnings in the 1980s at the neurology department of the National Institute of Neurology with Prof. Najoua Miladi who started in 1984 a neuropediatric activity after neurology studies in Tunisia and pediatric neurology at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels at the prestigious neuropediatric school of  Pr Gilles Lyon and Philippe Evrard.

It will be realized by the opening of two pediatric neurology services: the first was opened in July 2003 at the National Institute of Neurology and the second at Hédi Chaker university hospital in Sfax in May 2008.

Since then, the neurological diseases has experienced rapid development in all its aspects : diagnostic management, therapeutic, social, psychological, preventive care, training and research.

Several networks have been established, several diagnoses were identified, several research projects have been conducted in the two services.

With its seniors trained in the Belgian and French schools, in the specificity of the child’s neurological condition and the particularity of its management, the Tunisian Pediatric Neurology has strongly contributed to the improvement in the training of our young neurologists concerned in handicaped children.

Now a day, there is thirteen pediatric neurologists and a pediatrician with an exclusive practice of pediatric neurology.

Pediatric Neurology Department of Sfax in May 2008
Pr Chahnez Charfi Triki  depuis 2008
Pr agrégé Fatma Kamoun Feki
Dr Ines Hsairi Guidara
Dr Emna Ellouz Jallouli
Dr Ines Ayadi
Dr Imène Abid

Pediatric Neurology Service of Tunis July 2003
Pr Najoua Miladi 2003 – 2005
Pr Néziha Khouja 2005 – 2012
Pr agrégé Ilhem Turki 2013-à ce jour
Dr Ichraf Kraoua
Dr Hanène Ben Rhouma
Dr Hédia Klaa
Dr Nadia Ben Achour
Dr Aida Rouissi